A Beginning

This post starts a new blog for me. My established blog Pintucks, has a life of its own with a tight subject focus. This new blog that I call "Studio, Garden & Bungalow" will be more about me and what I like. It will be centered on my home, my work and my southern California life-style. If you come along on this walk, we will take hikes, plant succulents, paint rooms and cook from my garden. We will explore the lost streets and byways of old Los Angeles. Wander gardens and old backyards, alleys, parks and find vintage bits and pieces to take home along the way.

This is also about making. It's about finding the inspiration and time to make a garden, a dress, a pie. As I work, I'll share with you my progress and techniques for doing these things.

I hope you will find this new blog of mine something that inspires you to weave making, exploring and walking your own world.
Luck, Love and Peace in the days to come,

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