Habitat for Humanity: ReStore

I think one of my favorite places is our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It's a generous thrift store for house and garden cast-offs. Contractors and home owners have filled our local store with items of all types. From doors and windows to bricks and tiles, lamps and doorknobs, sinks and faucets.

It's the place to find supplies for a remodel or other project. My gorgeous mirrored door is a ReStore find. This heavy solid old door was perfect for the task and filled a blank wall in my bedroom perfectly. I just leaned it against the wall, added a few old hooks for acessories and it was ready to go! (It didn't even need paint, since the old white on it was exactly right).

ReStore is also the best place to remember when you need to clean out your garage: paint? outdated fixtures? yes, they can all go there, instead of the land fill, and that's a nice to know about, isn't it.

Find your local ReStore HERE

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