Musing over Lunch

It's nice to have a favorite place to go to for lunch. One with a table for two outside, in case I plan to meet a friend there. I prefer something not too busy or crowded, so we can share thoughts without shouting. If I am alone, I bring my journal so I can spend the quiet time jotting notes, sketching ideas and making plans. It's a good time to stop and reorganize, writing a list and crossing off what isn't really that important or drawing an idea that is floating around in my head before it evaporates.

Meanwhile, our soup and salad will arrive. We set aside our notes to contemplate lunch. Often this is my main meal of the day and it's fun to see what the cook has prepared. Maybe it's something I can try to do at home by guessing what is in the soup or how the salad was put together.

Finding new ways to prepare our daily meals can be so creative and compelling. On the way home I pick up a new cheese for my own version of that salad later in the week. Do you find yourself doing that too? I get my best ideas from great meals I have had--both at friends homes and dining out. Although I don't think I can ever copy something exactly as it was prepared, the influx of a new element is always a great way to change up a classic or revive my interest in some dish that I might have forgotten about. How do you find new cooking ideas? Keeping our meals fresh and exciting is so important and starting with a creative lunch is a great way to begin.

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