the Little Black Dress

A fiery red head I have watched grow up will be getting married soon. The location is lovely, with both inside and alfresco venues. It's close to the date and I need to come to some decision on what I will wear. At one time I would have taken this as an opportunity to sew up a new dress to add to my 'collection'. Then again, shopping for something new would be fun with shoes, accessories and lunch at a cafe? But somehow that shouldn't be necessary. Don't I already have a great dress that will suit the occasion? Yes, of course. The little black dress.

And there it is as always. Simple silhouette worthy of a daytime or evening event. Flattering matte finish crepe fabric. Clean lines, clean look. Easy to pair this up with any of several heels on hand. Find the right necklace or earrings and we are out the door.

My classic dress isn't new. But it is still wearable. I'm lucky that this past decade hasn't seen any monumental spikes in silhouette shape, hem length or other hard line definition of fashion. It's a good time to shop our own closets. Probably you'll find something to wear to your next special event, especially if it's a little black dress.

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