Walking the Arroyo Seco

After a recent long hot day, we decided to stretch our legs and air out our house-bound brains with a walk down the old Arroyo Seco. Here in Pasadena it's a nice slice of nature that cuts down through the city on its way to the Los Angeles river. At one time this canyon had a boulder strewn stream bed, but after WWII, the Army Core of Engineers were brought in to save us from floods by creating a cement channel for the seasonal water run off. You can see the effect by the chain link fence along our dusty gravel path. Oh well, it's still a great walk in the early evening as the cooler canyon breeze starts flowing in the bottom of the arroyo as we ramble along.

The bridges are simply awesome, and inspire a bit of a shiver as we walk beneath their aged arches overhead. We like to walk down along the east bluff through the old Busch garden estate (no longer there) and cross a foot bridge near there that lets us come up the opposite side of the river channel. That side has more trees and bushes since it's closer to the bluffs. Suddenly the setting sun drops and the canyon quickly darkens as we finish up our evening in the wilds of a city parkway.

Directions: Take the entry road down the slope and park at the bottom of the canyon in the gravel lots. This gate is on South Arroyo Blvd, close to Norwood Dr and just south of Arbor Street. Walk south to the foot bridge and then turn and come back. If you kept walking south there are horse stables and a golf driving range.

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