A Chat with Sibella Court

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet and have a chat with Sibella Court at at her book signing for the wonderful "The Life of a Bowerbird" here in L.A. (at the French General shop). Sibella's inspiring career resume may be splashed with successes in both New York and Australia, but I found her to be a down to earth girl who is easy to talk to. I was most interested in her interior design career, her unique viewpoint and her ability to work her broad business in between her global jaunts and visits to the US. She remarked that she has two assistants to help her with her lovely shop, The Society, Inc., and the design business at large. When I asked if locating and procuring her fast assemblages of objects was difficult, she shrugged and said that she found so many things in her travels. Clearly, she loves what she does, and that's inspiring too.

Part of her charm was the inclusion of her niece and sister-in-law at the signing. It seems her equally gifted younger brother Chris, who photographs those marvelous images we have become so familiar with has re-located to the beach in Los Angeles, so her visit was part business, part family. I love that!

The Life of a Bowerbird, published this month by Harper Design Available online

(The photos here are part of her publicity, and not my own)


Virginia said...

Maybe Sibella has an idea for me to manage my ever growing collection of Eiffel Towers!

Lucky you getting to interview here. I get to LA to visit blog friends from time to time, perhaps we will meet one day.

Kelly said...

Now where have I been? Living under a rock???? I have not even heard of her. I will have to go check out her portfolio and then her book. Thanks for sharing this!

Jen Orsini said...

Virginia--yes, if you are in LA, let me know!

Kelly--(you're so funny) Locate a copy of the book and you will see how interesting her sense of style is.