Fall Afternoon: Views from a Balcony

Fall is one of the best times here in Southern California. It's finally cool enough again to resume living outdoors, and the afternoons can come alive with color contrasts. I have a favorite balcony that I love to lean out from to catch a wonderous view from Orange county to the south, all the way up to the Hollywood sign to the north.

The view was sunny and bright on this afternoon, and a breeze off the ocean filtered through the open door as we sat on the balcony to enjoy the afternoon. As the shadows lengthened along the roof tops and cypress trees, a dusty haze from the beach started to come up the valley towards the city, as it does most fall afternoons.

Time to slow up a bit, consider our days adventures and finish up a few projects we had set aside a few weeks ago. My trusty graphic designer finished up my wonderful new blog banners (also a darling new banner for my other blog) and in trade I worked as an assistant to photograph her leather crafts for her online shop. We worked outside in the open light of her deck that has a view to the city, something that would have been impossibly hot only a few weeks ago.

This is the first time in years that I have been able to have the opportunity to actually stop and feel fall arrive. In the past, it's been too hectic and busy for me, but now I have the space and freedom to stretch out and see fall again like I did as a kid: planning my Halloween costume and dreaming about Christmas.

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Kelly said...

What beautiful pics! It's fun to see what Fall looks like on the other side of the country.