Flea Market Sunday: Pasadena City College

I'm not one to get up at dawn and fight the dealers at the local swap meets. For me, it is an opportunity to wander the aisles and take in the visual chaos while enjoying the morning sun. This week I started outside, where the old original flea market began along Hill.

There weren't as many vendors as I can recall in the past, which was a surprise to me, since this was the first Sunday with a cool breeze in months. But maybe they will be back for the pre-holiday rush.

It is interesting how trends affect flea markets about as much as they do retail in general. This time, galvanized tin was king. Tubs, bowls and watering cans abounded. It looked like a French flea market with the number of vendors who brought out their country tins. In addition, chandeliers that had scrolls, twirls, and twists were hanging from canopys and awnings.

Mid-century modern still fills many booths, with lamps, chairs, tables and couches. It is enough to make a good choice if you were looking to fill a special space in a home or office.

But more than that, it's an opportunity to pause while towing a cart filled with treasures, to talk to old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. More time was probably spent sharing stories than walking the rows if I stop to think about it.

What did I buy? Screen prints from new artists excited to share their prints with a customer, a few linens from a table heaped high with random treasures, and a new leather punch from the tool guy in the big booth at the end of a row.

That was enough for this visit. Next week is the Rose Bowl, and I hope to still have some of my allowance to spend!

Pasadena City College Flea Market:
when: 1st Sunday of the month: 7am - 3pm
admission: free
location: Hill @ Del Mar, outside parking lot (park on Green St. for free)
location: Bonnie at Colorado: parking lot and inside parking structure
parking: $2.00, parking structure on Del Mar between Bonnie and Hill
eating: across Colorado Blvd. from campus


Kelly said...

That sounds like fun! Wish I lived over there to be able shop those great flea markets! Love hearing what's popular there too.

Jen Orsini said...

You'll have to come out some spring or fall (just not the summer) and see them all--There's one every weekend, but the best two are here in town, with the Rose Bowl being the big daddy of them all!