Bugs and Butterflies

I love the current home style trend using Natural History artifacts such as bugs and butterflies in displays, wall papers and textiles. From mounted insects, like this butterfly exhibit, to old illustrations and museum displays, these are great details to have around the house. I think I like the water colored book plates the best, so I have been looking to find something with that type of image.

These butterflies, moths and bugs pillows caught my eye. They add so much to my natural colored sofa and were a great way to transition out of my summer color scheme. Old illustrations in black with colored details are seen on a linen textile. Made in the U.S. by American Mills LAVA pillow line, this linen version seems to be discontinued, but several other similar styles are currently available. I really like that American Mills pillows are produced in the States, so it was a bonus to find them. In trying to find others like these, I located another version online at the Screen Door selling for significantly more than the ones I was lucky to find! But, this look is so dramatic, it's worth looking into.

As someone who sews, I also wanted to find the original fabric. This textile design is part of a series by Kelly O'Neal of Design Legacy. They have several other natural history prints showing sea creatures, floral, and birds on linen textiles. It is for sale at the Fabric Finder, HERE.

If this has you thinking about adding a bug, butterfly or other natural history print to your home, you might want to take a look at my Pinterest board "Naturalist Bugs and Animals". I've had fun finding lots of inspiring photos and design ideas on this subject. With a fun natural history print, it's possible to whip up a few pillows or better yet, why not cover a chair or stool to accent the corner of a hall or room. I'd like to try that next.

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Kelly said...

Those are very pretty pillows. I agree. It's nice to see so many nature inspired prints being popular in home decor now. There are so many options now on how to use them.