Summer of 1925: Vintage Magazines with 1920's Home Decor Styles

Vintage Better Homes and Gardens magazine from June 1925, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

Vintage Home and lifestyle magazines, such as "Better Homes and Gardens", published during the 1920's are bursting with new technologies, design concepts and tips for living.

 If you love older homes, antiques and vintage fashion, you'll want to take a peek into the wonderful 1920's magazine issues posted online. The June 1925 issue of "Better Homes and Gardens" is HERE and another women's magazine called "Modern Priscilla" from July, 1925 can be found HERE.

Vintage 1920's Homes from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

These two magazines are posted along with several others from 1925 on a website titled: "News Stand" for the summer of 1925. While not all magazines shown there are available for viewing, many are profiled, making your own personal search for these magazines more informed.

Although both issues center on the home, "Better Homes" takes a larger view and includes articles on how to run the home, gardening, and other features. The advertising is fun as well. "Modern Priscilla" is more domestic, with wonderful pages on hand embroidery and other linens. It also includes ideas for sewing apparel. If you love vintage linens, you will have to take a look through this magazine. Both issues are formatted for easy viewing, but you can 'click' on the image to enlarge the view and see each page close-up.

Vintage 1920's Homes, Interior styles, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

Better Homes and Gardens, history page, HERE

Modern Priscilla, history page, HERE

Summer of 1925 "News Stand", HERE


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Liz said...

Oh! I forgot to mention... I love to read vintage magazines. I think the are fascinating. :)

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It is really interesting to see what was popular back then compared to now. I think it would be so fun to sit down and look at a real magazine from that era!

Jen O said...

It is fun to spend an evening with a vintage magazine. I find them at flea markets and antique malls.