Vintage Cookbooks & Turkey Tips

This time of the year I love to pull my vintage cookbooks down from the shelves and see what looks inspiring. It's also good for a little laugh at the expense of our hard working ancestors who toiled on limited budgets with limited resources.

We all can be thankful for
Modern Refridgeration: Seriously, this appliance is considered one of the major inventions of the 20th century in its ability to prevent many deadly food borne diseases, besides the melting ice part, which you would have to deal with.
Stoves: We don't have to cook over a wood stove, enough said.
Running Water at the Kitchen Sink: I had to use a hose for awhile once, which makes you really appreciate a faucet.
Microwave: Re-heat and serve at its best!
Food Selection: Ever wonder why old markets are so small? There wasn't much to choose from in 1950, that's why.

I have a few pages to share with you on preparing a turkey from the "Mirro Cook Book", 1950. These are the people who brought us aluminum cookie sheets and cake pans (yeah!)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend full of good food, good company and good fun!

Cookbooks shown above:
Sunset's Kitchen Cabinet Recipes, volume one, 1929-1933, publ 1944
Betty Crocker's Cook Book for Boys and Girls, pub. mid-1950's
Mirro Cook Book, pub. 1950, from Mirro Aluminum Goods, Manitowoc, Wisconsin


Organized Island said...

Oh I love vintage cookbooks! I will hold on to them forever because they are so nostalgic. I still have my original Betty Crocker Kids Cookbook from long ago...thanks for sharing!

Jen O said...

The Betty Crocker Kids cookbook in this photo was mine as a kid--it still has cookie dough grease marks and other signs of love!