1950's Gifts and a New Year's Resolution

These fun holiday ads from the mid-1950’s show typical gifts for women from that era. 
I love to look at ads from this time, with their quirky styles and quaint notion of gifting. 


Sierra Madre: Small Town So Cal

Shopping in the village of Sierra Madre, CA

Small town shopping less than a half hour from downtown L.A.? I have a few favorite districts and villages, but Sierra Madre probably is top on my list.


Style Classic: Vintage Eyewear

I first realized that I needed to wear eye glasses when I couldn't see the thread I was using to hand sew a hem into my friends bridesmaid dress. That began a rather long journey through various drugstore 'cheaters' until I finally gave in and got prescription eye wear. Since then, I have been on the lookout for the most perfect pair of glasses.