Vintage Shutters: Inspiration for a Bedroom

Vintage shutters, such as this wonderful shutter in Rome, bring to any room a romantic flare that adds both texture and scale.


1920s: Vintage Bathroom Styles

Vintage bathroom from the 1920's, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

In researching a bathroom remodel, I found some vintage home magazines from the mid-1920's that show in great detail how well planned and decorative bathrooms had become by that time.


Old Bike in the Garden

Sometimes how nature reclaims our own scattered trash can be as lovely as what we try to create on our own.  This unused bike along a roadside in Giverny, France now spends its days with ivy in her front basket.  A fitting end to a long life of good use riding French country roads.



Linen Fabric & Sewing Supplies: Shopping in Paris

The vintage look we associate as "French" can be difficult to locate in a big city like Paris, but tucked away on a neighborhood street is La Croix et la Manière, where linen fabric, embroidery suppies and other sewing related items are sold in a shop that seems to have come from another era.


In the Garden with Colored Pots

When using colored pots in the garden, it can become complicated and busy. Using the pot glaze color to enhance the garden is what these great colored containers should be all about.


Beach Cottage Home: Coastal Country Lifestyle

Southern California Beach Cottage, country style entrance way, yellow house with blue trim, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

It's not often we see a home so filled with personality and creative collecting as this sunny yellow coastal cottage.  Sue's home is tucked away in a beach canyon inland from the coast in southern California.  She has designed this charming home with her favorite things collected over the years in a consistent aesthetic that focuses on unique finds.  Her antique furniture gives this home warmth and subtle textures.  It's a casual and relaxed setting, filled with sunlight and views of the garden.


Paris Flea Markets: Two of the Best for Weekend Wandering

I love to walk through the Puces de Saint Ouen flea market at Clingnancourt in the north end of Paris. It’s worth a morning’s trip up to that neighborhood to see this charming venue.


Granada, Spain: Color Inspiration in the Streets

Pastel washes on plaster buildings in Granada, Spain. Their soft colors are like ice cream sorbet with white icing.  It's color like this that inspire future trends.


Monet's Garden: Pathways of Gravel for Inspiration

Monet's Garden: Giverny garden in the spring, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

This view of Monet's garden in Giverny, France is from his bedroom window. Here is a wonderful look at how this famous garden is designed and laid out. Gravel pathways create a soft grid among the flower beds. These plantings are lush green with what seems to be random collections of floral color. There's nothing stuffy or mannered about this show of spring color.


Lemonsorbet: a Bit of Color

Lemonsorbet from Benjamin Moore is a warm white, but using it may take some getting used to, since this tone is 'new' when compared with the many grays we have seen in homes in the past few years, or the stronger cool whites that are used in Scandinavian and French vintage ensembles.


Victorian Greet Card: Friendship Note

Here's a little Victorian era greeting card from my collection of Victorian greetings.  Feel free to print it up and use.  I think it's the perfect note to send to a good friend, don't you? This cutie comes from a child's scrap book I have dating back to the 1880's.


Queen Bee: Trends in Home Accessories

Queen Bee, home trend, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

The Queen Bee motif is perfect for the gardener's home. It is a design that brings the garden inside and adds visual interest to any decor.


Blogs to Read: Gardening and Landscape Design

Blogs to read on landcape and garden design, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

Where do you get your garden ideas? While we used to pick up magazines such as "Sunset" for local information, online blogs and websites have become a great garden and landscape design resource too.


Collections: On the Wall

Don't you love to see small collections grouped together?  This bit of wall is a good example of that. Arrangements like this are a great way to change-up a familiar room, long hall or blank wall. This kind of display is also easy to do, and quick to remove, should you change your mind or want to try another group. What small collection do you have that deserves to be brought out and displayed together on a wall in your home?


Emerald Green: Pantone color Trend

I want to start this year off right by Emerald's saturate blueish green tone appears in both vintage and country settings.  In these mood boards I have gathered together several images in emerald. Looking at them, it's easy to see that this is a strong color shift from our more neutral gray toned trends out there right now.