Blogs to Read: Gardening and Landscape Design

Blogs to read on landcape and garden design, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

Where do you get your garden ideas? While we used to pick up magazines such as "Sunset" for local information, online blogs and websites have become a great garden and landscape design resource too.

I like to read up on garden design, plant selection and landscaping and found quite a few blogs that are fun to read and offer a wealth of information. Here are a few that you might like too. I confess that most tend to focus on drought tolerant landscapes and west coast issues, but you will find links on them that include other garden blogs through out the U.S.

A Growing Obsession: http://agrowingobsession.com/
Chance of Rain: http://chanceofrain.com/
Curbstone Valley Farm: http://curbstonevalley.com/blog/
Digging: http://www.penick.net/digging/
Garden Rant: http://gardenrant.com/
Gardening Gone Wild: http://www.gardeninggonewild.com/
Gossip in the Garden: http://harmonyinthegarden.com/gossipinthegarden/
Growing with Plants: http://www.growingwithplants.com/
Lou Murray's Green World: http://greenlifeinsocal.com/
Native Sanctuary: https://nativesanctuary.wordpress.com/
Urban Gardens: http://www.urbangardensweb.com/
Weeding Wild Suburbia: http://www.weedingwildsuburbia.com/

This photo was taken in Carmel, CA in September. Carmel gardens are so inspiring, even those downtown in the village where little plots of land along the sidewalk and strips between buildings are turned into colorful views.

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