Lemonsorbet: a Bit of Color

Lemonsorbet from Benjamin Moore is a warm white, but using it may take some getting used to, since this tone is 'new' when compared with the many grays we have seen in homes in the past few years, or the stronger cool whites that are used in Scandinavian and French vintage ensembles.

This first group shows the color paired with coffee colors: deep brown and a lighter mocha. For me this brings to mind tweeds, parchment and vintagey browns.

This second set of color teams Lemonsorbet with grays: a warm French gray and a foggy London gray. The linen-like warm gray tones with this vanilla white bring on a beach house sense of color, while the cooler gray still works with the gray accessories we have collected in the past few years.

To start, Lemonsorbet with its vanilla overtones would make a dark little room seem warmer. It can also perk up a room that has 'too much' wood trim or furnishings. In my own bungalow, the walls in our living room and dining room are painted a similar color, and it seems so much brighter than a true white might be against all the wood that these rooms have. The great items here in these slides all come from shops on Etsy, and feature the things I love!

Top group:

Art Deco Pitcher by Eva Elena, Etsy

Tweed Messenger Bag by Sew Much Style, Etsy

Linen Chair by Story Boutique, Etsy

Fish Pillow by Elliott Heath Designs, Etsy

Bottom group:

Striped Pillows by Fighting for Joy, Etsy

Art Deco Vase by Red Hill Home, Etsy

French Side Chair by Shabby Chic Fairytail, Etsy

Zig-zag Pillows, by Shadobox, Etsy

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Andrea Redhillhome said...

Lovely groupings and great info on the trending colors. Thanks!