Beach Cottage Home: Coastal Country Lifestyle

Southern California Beach Cottage, country style entrance way, yellow house with blue trim, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

It's not often we see a home so filled with personality and creative collecting as this sunny yellow coastal cottage.  Sue's home is tucked away in a beach canyon inland from the coast in southern California.  She has designed this charming home with her favorite things collected over the years in a consistent aesthetic that focuses on unique finds.  Her antique furniture gives this home warmth and subtle textures.  It's a casual and relaxed setting, filled with sunlight and views of the garden.

French style sitting room in a beach cottage on the California coast, from Studio Garden and Bunglaow

Works of art, paintings and interesting textiles create still life settings and small-place focal points. She works with warm white, soft yellow and French blues, in toiles, woven stripes and plaids, china and crockery. Well polished wood is the counterpoint to these country colors and designs.

Living with art: California landscapes in a coastal cottage setting, from Studio, Garden and Bunglaow

The bedrooms are filled with soft colors and textures, creating welcome retreats for the guests that arrive.  Even unannounced visitors find that she has inviting rooms waiting for a long nap or a good read.

Isn't this everything we want in a cottage? It has many fun and inspiring details that all come together so effortlessly. There is a consistent sense of the art and craft in making a home comfortable, interesting and completely personal.

Sunny Mediterranean style outdoor dining, beach cottage on the California coast, from Studio, Garden and Bunglawo

There's more to see outside in her garden, but I'll save that for a later visit.

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