In the Garden with Colored Pots

When using colored pots in the garden, it can become complicated and busy. Using the pot glaze color to enhance the garden is what these great colored containers should be all about.

Here sunny deep red geraniums are in perfect contrast to their bright sky blue pots. These have been placed to alternate between unglazed clay pots with tiny trimmed hedges. Repetion is a great way to use color in the garden without becoming overwhelmed by the pot glaze.

The turquoise pot in this Pacific north west garden is set into a corner of a brick pathway. It accents the pink roses that spill over it so well. With a blue that brings out the best in the pastel florals, this color fits into the overall natural planting theme of the garden.

For a look that works best, the trick is to keep the variety of pot colors limited and setting them into plantings where their color brings together the natural garden florals and greenery.

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