Linen Fabric & Sewing Supplies: Shopping in Paris

The vintage look we associate as "French" can be difficult to locate in a big city like Paris, but tucked away on a neighborhood street is La Croix et la Manière, where linen fabric, embroidery suppies and other sewing related items are sold in a shop that seems to have come from another era.

Simple linen tea towels, fabric lengths and trims are rolled and tied in red and white string. Scissors hand along the wall. Little linen bags are laid out for viewing. Supplies are set into old tin tubs. It has so much charm and atmosphere that we can't help but buy some gorgeous linen to take back home. Before you leave this neighborhood, walk across the street to the red painted shop, Sensitive et Fils, 31 Rue Faidherbe Paris. It has wonderful Asian accessories and fashions, packed into a tiny shop space.

Where: 36 Rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris, France
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 7pm (12:00 - 19:00)
How to get there: Both the #9 'Olive' and #8 'Lavender' lines have stops within walking distance.

#8 'Lavender': Faidherbe-Chaligny stop. Walk up Rue Faidherbe, shop will be on the left side of the street.
#9 'Olive': There are three stops within walking distance:
Charonne (closest station): on Bd. Voltaire, walk 1 blk south to Rue de Charonne, turn right walk to Rue Faidhebe, turn left, it’s in this block on your left.
Rue des Boulets, walk N on Bd. Voltaire to little street on the left: Rue Chanzy, at Rue Faidherbe, it is on the right in that block.
Voltaire, walk south to Rue de Charonne where Rue Faidherbe starts.

If you want to know more about shopping for fabric in Paris, read my other blog post on the "Fabric Alley" district of Paris.

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