New & Vintage Maps at Home: Inspiring Styles

Maps as art or wall murals at home is a trend I can really get behind. I love seeing big maps hung alone or with other artwork. 

To me, it's one of the most interesting looks today in wall treatments. While an original vintage map is a treasure to find, large scale maps are also available as murals. This means there is a huge variety of styles, colors and scale available for interiors.

This wonderful wall uses a vintage map enlarged now in mural format. It serves to accent the strong lines in the furnishings, while providing texture and visual interest not found in a plain wall.

Colorful maps can pull together a color scheme and unify the room as well.

I have been filling one of my pinterest folders with wall maps and murals, HERE, It's got the start of some great ideas for walls that might seem too big, too blank or too boring.

Why not:

Put a map on the ceiling (I grew up with a family that had a huge world map on their kitchen ceiling)

Wrap a map mural around the walls of a tiny bathroom.

Cover an ugly floor with a big map, seal it with clear acrylic.

Collect lots of maps and collage them on a wall.

Image credits: #1 House to Home
#2 photographer Joakim Blockström
#3, #4 World Map
#5 House to Home

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