Bathroom Remodel in an Old Bungalow: "Before"

Bathroom remodeling in an old bungalow has its challenges. It's difficult not to have a long history of previous alterations and upgrades made by earlier occupants. 

Our own bathroom was no exception. From another twin house on my street, I was fairly certain that a door once led into the back bedroom (which had been a sun porch at first). How our bathroom found itself arranged is anyone's guess, but the floor plan was clearly the result of circumstance and not planning.

Here it is, the before look at a bathroom that was remodeled several times over its nearly 100 years of use. The bathroom dates in part to the 1970's when the tub and vanity were installed. This photo shows the hall door and vanity on the left wall. This tight floor plan wasn't such a good idea because the opened door was blocked by the vanity. Yes, it didn't open 'all the way'. After several decades of family use, the bathroom suffered severe water damage and required extensive repair, or a totally new remodel.

This view shows how the toilet is right next to the hall door. That's not a great idea, or a good floor plan! After much consideration, we decided to make the leap into a full scale remodeling project for this bathroom. As the only one in this old home, we would be living without a bathroom for several weeks, but felt the loss would be worth the eventual gain.

So, the first consideration was where to move the vanity, and if the toilet should be re-positioned as well. It wasn't too hard to find bathrooms with similar dimensions that had more functional floor plans. For most plans this would mean moving both toilet and vanity on to the same wall.

This slide shows the tub, tiled exterior wall and high window. That tub location against the outer wall was about the only item worth keeping in place, since it spanned the entire wall width.

This is the floor plan that was chosen. Installing a vanity against the hall wall would create an entry that would be wider than if the toilet was located in that location. This provided for a spacious area between the vanity/toilet and opposite wall as well, with enough room to enter the shower easily.

Dimensions: 5'8" Wide, across exterior wall x 7'4" Deep, between exterior and hall walls

How this bathroom 'came together' will be shown in following posts. I share my design inspiration, tile, color and other elements HERE. So let me know what you think: have you had a similar project?

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