Taking a Look: Art Deco Bathroom Tile

Vintage 1920's Art Deco bathroom tile in yellow and lavender from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

When designing a new Art Deco bathroom or remodeling an old one in a vintage style, looking at original tile work is always a plus. This vintage bathroom is in a bungalow home located in the hillside community of Tujunga, CA. The tiles here have an Art Deco color scheme, which brings this home's age into the 1920's era.

Looking down, the floor and lower walls appear to be the most dramatic part of this tile scheme. By bringing together yellow and a light lavender in both hexagon and square tiles there is a kinetic sense of design. Capped by a yellow linear edge, the large lavender wall field has a tiny medallion motif in line around the towel rack level.

Modern chrome legs on the original sink allow for the rich coloration of this tiny room to flow around two walls. In a nod to tradition, an original wood medicine cabinet sits to the left side of the sink. This and the upper walls are painted white, which is what was probably used originally.

Bathrooms such as this example that have had few modernizations are becoming rare. It's always a surprise to open a bathroom door to find a gem like this hidden away, waiting to inspire new ideas for bathroom remodels and new additions.


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