Water Conservation & Kids

Water conservation and kids,  resources for teaching them about drought, from Studio, Garden and Bungalow

So, we are in a drought here in the west. Are you thinking about teaching children water conservation? On my way to research another blog post, I have come across quite a few fun articles and activity pages online that are perfect for teaching the kids in your life about water conservation.

After a winter without rain, you probably have alot of explaining to do to the small people running around the house, especially of you are contemplating yanking out the front lawn in the next few months. This is something kids are going to notice, so get them on-board with some activities that will help them understand more about drought and what it means to them.

LINKS to great IDEAS:

What Do You Know About H2O: an interactive website with activities for the K thru 12 grade levels: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

A Journey through Water : Children’s booklet on water and conservation: Santa Margarita Water District (Orange County)

Water Conservation Around the House: Activity page: EcoKids, EarthDayCanada

Kids: Water, Use it Wisely: Activities, Lessons, Resources: WaterUseItWisely.com (a huge online resource from Arizona)

What Does a 20% Reduction in Water Use Look Like? one page poster with easy graphics

Easy Ways Kids Can Conserve: Youtube video

Save our Water, the state website: saveourwater.com

So, that's a good jump start on water conservation from a child's point of view, and I have to add that most of the websites and worksheets listed above would be fine for working any age group.

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