Greenery: Pantone Color for 2017 - Color of the Year, Accent Colors for a Greener Home

Color of the Year, 2017 - Pantone's Greenery, can be a great way to bring nature into your home. If using green seems like a big stretch for right now, consider trying out some of these accent pieces to start. Featuring just a little of this new green will add a touch of spring color to any space.

This first set of home accessories from Etsy shops world wide looks at Greenery with a Mid-Century style. Clear, clean green in a look that will fit right in with any modern decor.

From upper left: Marimekko Unikko pillow, Green glass plate, Fused glass bowl with cut outs, Abstract floral pillow, Designer outlet covers

This next set of accessories features a jungle home theme, rocking natural Greenery to great effect.

From upper left: Leaf pillow, Wall hanging,  Moss print pillow, Green glass candle holder, Palm theme wall hanging

Convinced that this light warm green will work in your space yet?  Make that leap by adding a touch of Greenery to start.

These international Etsy vendors are featured in this story, so drop by and check them out:



1950s Holiday Recipes: From Box Labels

About this time of year the little Bungalow starts to warm up with cooking smells that only Fall can bring: cinnamon, pumpkin, cranberries and other heady little feasts. I like a fresh pumpkin pie as soon as Halloween decorations crop up on my neighbor's front yards, and I can't wait for fresh cranberries to arrive in the produce section of the market. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, we've been eating some of my favorite holiday foods, but as part of our daily meals. It's such a fun way to enjoy favorites.


Claremont CA: Small Town So Cal

Small towns in southern California make for the best day trips. One of my favorites is the little village of Claremont, a sleepy college town a bit over 30 miles east of Los Angeles.


YInMn Blue: A New Blue Color has Been Discovered

YInMn, a new synthetic blue pigment has been discovered.  It's burst onto the art and industrial design scene; bright, clear and pure. Perhaps not since mauveine (an aniline dye of purple) was discovered in 1856 by Sir William Henry Perkins as the very first synthetic color, have we seen such a fuss over a new hue.


Mid-Century Modern Furniture: Robert Kjer Jakobsen, Designer for Virtue Brothers of California

Mid-century modern furniture came in many affordable styles. I found this advertisement for a 1950s dining room set and it lead me to the designer, Robert Kjer Jakobsen who designed it in 1956 while working for Virtue Brothers of California.  Virtue Brothers is well known for producing the iconic 50s formica and chrome dining sets, but lesser known was their transition into the sleeker Danish modern furniture styles that were popular after the middle of that decade.


Danish Modern: Steel and Wood Tableware in Mid-Century Modern Style

Danish modern wood and stainless steel tableware has a classic look with a mid-century modern vibe. Serving pieces from this era never looked so good, or were so easy and affordable to find as they are now.  Here's just a few of the wonderful vintage pieces that I found in vintage shops online.

From upper left: Coffee Pot, Flatware set, Cheese Grater, Salt and Pepper set


High Desert Cabin: Before--The Kitchen

Like almost every home, working on the kitchen is a high priority with the cabin. While it has some great features, there are a few projects here that I know I will need to put at the top of my 'to do' list.


Cactus Garden in Old Southern California: Riverside Cactus Garden, 1920

I love old regional post cards, and this c. 1920 colored card is distinctive, with cacti that look alive with dancing, like something from Disney's Fantasia.  It was at gardens like this one in Riverside, CA, that southern California began it's romance with all things cactus.


Origami Tote: Easy to Sew Furoshiki Inspired Bag

This easy to sew tote bag is a wonderful furoshiki inspired shape.  Loosely termed an 'origami bag', it's made from one length of yardage and has endless looks, depending on the fabric and handle used to make it.  Origami totes have become popular, but how to make them is something of a mystery.


Home Decor Color Trends for 2016: Pantone Serenity & Rose Quartz

The home decor color's you'll see here are drawn from Pantone's 2016 color trend predictions. Blue in a tint called 'Serenity' is paired with a soft pink 'Rose Quartz'. For this year, a surprising set of two colors are emphasized, and while they are different, their soft tonality gives them similar visual weight when used inside the home.