Home Decor Color Trends for 2016: Pantone Serenity & Rose Quartz

The home decor color's you'll see here are drawn from Pantone's 2016 color trend predictions. Blue in a tint called 'Serenity' is paired with a soft pink 'Rose Quartz'. For this year, a surprising set of two colors are emphasized, and while they are different, their soft tonality gives them similar visual weight when used inside the home.

Although these two colors were introduced in early fall 2015,  I waited until the new year to compile a selection of interior furnishings hoping that some of the major brands would now have items that feature these new colors. It's difficult at first glance not to assume these are bedroom colors, with their soft and soothing tonalities. This made it a bit of a challenge to locate fresh, modern and adult versions of these colors suitable for living spaces.

In most homes, using Serenity blue would be an easy way to freshen up the look of a room. With a color close to sky blue, it is a natural selection for homes near the beach, lake and those with open views.  It just seems to bring the sky inside. On the walls, this color would also lend a fresh twist to a great room.  It's easy to imagine Serenity working out well with any existing whites and linens already on hand.

Rose Quartz contributes a feminine hue to the room, but it can also create a sense of warmth and light to an otherwise dark or cool location. This tone compliments wood well, as so many natural furnishings have warm undertones that this color will compliment. Overall, it seems like the romantic furnishings from Anthropologie top the list with their creative use of this color in their textiles.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how these colors are used this year.  Will they be popular colors in textiles like carpets, drapes and upholstry, or will they be used in the background as wall colors?  It will be fun to see if Serenity and Rose Quartz gain in popularity against the big use of Scandinavian white that has been so popular lately.

You can find the items shown in the color mood boards:

From top left, clockwise: Chair, Paisley over-dyed carpet, blue chair, botanical wall paper, room design, Batik throw pillows

Rose Quartz
From top left, clockwise: floral wallpaper, pink sofa, pink velvet chair, pink overdyed carpet, floral pillow, hand painted bureau, pink sectional sofa

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