High Desert Cabin: Before--The Kitchen

Like almost every home, working on the kitchen is a high priority with the cabin. While it has some great features, there are a few projects here that I know I will need to put at the top of my 'to do' list.

The kitchen is located in the great room.  This is a large open space that is over half of the cabin's square footage.  It runs across the entire length of the home, with three exterior walls and two doors.  The kitchen space is at the hotter western end, with two exterior walls (west and north) and an interior wall.  There are two windows and an exterior door.

I've made notes to show what features may need new treatment or other work. The biggest challenge will be to create a seamless flooring between the kitchen and living areas, where now there are two surfaces: white tile and faux wood flooring. I would like to see it become one large room without defined spaces. This also goes for the walls that are two very different colors. I'll want to see the entire room painted the same color.

This is where I'll start with the cabin. To get the great room space more open and comfortable to live in.

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