New Life in Retirement: New Roads to Explore

Since leaving my job for retirement, I have found many new opportunities to explore. I have to admit that it took me awhile to realize what interested me the most. There were so many roads that I wanted to take. Some I wanted to see what I could find along the way, others I would follow to new destinations that have since changed my life. I hope to take you with me as I share what I have found so far and what I hope to find on my way down new roads or along old ones I've revisited.

Even this desert road. If I had been told before I left my career that within a few years I would be walking down this dirt road one spring morning, I would have been skeptical. I was locked into a different lifestyle at the time that didn't relate to this scene and its reality. But that is part of the life adventure we can take after leaving a job or changing a lifestyle. You just don't know where you'll end up.

If you are making a change in your life, I'd like to suggest a crazy idea: don't set goals before you start. Doing that will just push you into becoming what you know to be true at the time. But being open to many possibilities that will arise in the future is far more enriching. One day or afternoon may change your life, just because you took a new road to a place you've never been, and from there re-wrote your goals for a truely new future.

So if someone asks what you are planning to do in your new life, tell then the truth: that you don't know because you've never been down that road before.

Be open to everything,